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This Month's Sale

30% off 4/4 White Limba!
This beautiful, west African species is now priced at $5.50/bf! It can be used in a variety of woodworking projects such as furniture, small boxes, serving trays, guitar making, and turning! This exotic species glues and finishes well and is overall easy to work with!

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Flash Sales

Flash Sale!
We are selling the following packs of lumber at very low prices! You must buy the entire pack. Packs will not be reserved until payment is received in-person only. All prices are pre-tax. If you are interested, you may message our page or call/text us at 251-298-4009.
320bf 4/4 1COM Walnut: $1,280.00 ($4.00/bf) ($5.00/bf by the piece)
375bf 4/4 Rustic Walnut: $1,781.25 ($4.75/bf) ($5.75/bf by the piece)
160bf 4/4 FAS Walnut: $960.00 ($6.00/bf)
($7.00/bf by the piece)
89bf 4/4 1COM Poplar: $200.25 ($2.25/bf)
90bf 4/4 FAS Sycamore: $180.00 (2.00/bf)
55bf 4/4 1COM Curly Soft Maple: $110.00 ($2.00/bf)
238bf 8/4 1COM Soft Maple: $476.00 ($2.00/bf)
135bf 4/4 2COM White Oak: $263.25 ($1.95/bf)
99bf 4/4 FAS Butternut: $391.05 ($3.95/bf)
73bf 8/4 S&B Genuine Mahogany: $657.00 ($9.00/bf)
160bf 4/4 6″ Knotty Eastern Red Cedar: $320.00 ($2.00)
100bf 4/4 Outs Red Oak & White Oak Mixture: $40.00 ($0.40/bf) – SOLD

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