For today’s woodworkers along the central Gulf coast, it is increasingly difficult to find high quality lumber at affordable prices. That is why, in 2017, we started selling lumber to the general public. If you need 1 board or 1000 boards we are happy to assist you. We currently carry around 50 different species of lumber that are divided into 3 main categories: Domestic Hardwoods, Imported Hardwoods, and Softwoods.

Our inventory mostly consists of kiln-dried, heat-treated, rough cut lumber. Most species are available in thicknesses of 1” and 2”, but some more popular species also come in 1.25”, 1.5”, 2.5”, 3″, and 4″ thick. Most packs of lumber contain random width boards depending on the species and thickness.

If you would like to confirm the availability of a particular thickness, width, or length, please give us a call!

Domestic Hardwoods

A favorite of woodworkers from beginners to lifelong experts, Domestic Hardwoods are valued for their consistent quality, availability, and sustainability. They are sourced from around North America, particularly the Appalachian and Southern regions where they are most easily distributed to the Gulf coast. These classic species have been used for centuries and are the most popular and affordable products we carry.

Domestic Species:

Imported Hardwoods

Valued for their beauty and durability, Imported Hardwoods give any project a special touch. These species are sourced from around the world, particularly South America and Africa. Since we are capable of purchasing these species in large quantities, our prices are significantly lower than any other lumber mill in the region.

Imported Species:


Although the name implies that these species are relatively less strong, Softwoods actually get their name because they are conifers and produce needles and cones whereas Hardwoods produce leaves and seed bearing flowers. Generally, conifers are softer than flower producing species, therefore they are referred to as Softwoods.

These lumber species grow faster and are more readily available which makes them less expensive. Their uses include home construction, sheeted goods, boat building, and exterior applications like fences and siding.

The inventory availability of softwoods can oftentimes be inconsistent, so we encourage all customers to call ahead to confirm availability and pricing.

Softwood Species: