Plywood (Sheet Goods)


Specialty plywood sheet goods work well for a variety of uses including shelving, tables, cabinets, small crafts, and boats. It is valued for its versatility, affordability, and availability. We currently carry a limited variety of plywood, including Baltic Birch, White Birch, and Maple. We plan on expanding our selection in the future.

ATTENTION: We are currently out of all Baltic Birch plywood. We do not currently have an estimated restocking date but we hope to receive more as soon as possible. We encourage our customers to contact us periodically to get updates on availability.

Baltic Birch Plywood (Out of Stock)

4’x8′: $36.00/sheet

4’x8’: $54.00/sheet

13 ply, 3/4″, 4’x8′: $79.00/sheet

White Birch Plywood

3/4″, 7 ply, 4’x8′: $65.00/sheet (Out of Stock)

1/2″, 5 ply, 4’x8′: $55.00/sheet

Maple Plywood

3/4″, 7 ply, 4’x8′: $89.00/sheet

1/2″ 5 ply: 4’x8′: $79.00/sheet