Plywood (Sheet Goods)


Specialty plywood sheet goods work well for a variety of uses including shelving, tables, cabinets, small crafts, and boats. It is valued for its versatility, affordability, and availability. We currently carry a limited variety of plywood, including Baltic Birch, Sapele Mahogany, and Marine Grade Fir, but plan on expanding our selection in the future.

Baltic Birch Plywood (A-B grade)

5 ply, 1/4″, 4’x8′: $36.00/sheet

9 ply, 1/2”, 4’x8’: $54.00/sheet
13 ply, 3/4″, 4’x8′: $79.00/sheet

Marine Grade Fir Plywood (A-B grade)

7 ply, 3/4″, 4’x8′: $89.10/sheet

Sapele Mahogany Plywood

11 ply, 3/4″, 4’x8′: $103.95/sheet